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* Reviews: Zetan Spore release LP "Burn Up"
Posted Apr 19, 2004 - 05:17 PM
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Reviews Some would say the heady and hedonistic days of Swampy and the days of dodgy rave happenings in abandoned underground car parks in Romford are back...

Others would say these days never left; they merely melted into the background…waiting. Brothers Ian and Mark Hasdell of Zetan Spore are very much the latter scenario and they have unleashed the energy from those days in their latest LP "Burn Up".

"Burn Up" is a mind altering experience taking you from exquisite bliss to a post-orgasmic chill in the blink of a beat. Like any good session, the tracks leave you wanting more. "Burn Up" isn’t typical dance music fodder. Each track is a multi-layered delicacy unveiling something new every time you come back to it. The energy is carefully and cleverly built by master craftsmen. And when Zetan Spore pulls out the stops and lets that energy go... the result is euphoria of tantric proportions.

Mark and Ian Hasdell have produced music with muscle; sometimes giving it just a little wellie and other times giving it loads. While this LP will undoubtedly be classed as hard trance the tracks are never heavy-handed. The high energy, experimental trance sounds are interwoven with psychedelic, uplifting earthy beats and breaks to deliver a tribal vibe par excellence with a distinct British Southwest sensibility.

Leave it to musicians from the UK’s Southwest to add sounds like live guitars, didgeridoo and emotive vocals to add extra dimensions to the music. Deft touches like these turns "Burn Up" into a stand out LP. The tracks range from big power tribal trance tracks (the eponymous "Burn Up" and the delicious "L S Deviant") to the ineffably infectious (the Formula 1 energy of "Hyperdrive" and the heady, uplifting, galactic "Casacde Reaction") to the sublimely leftfield (the Terminator of tracks, "Destiny", and the quirky "Silver") .

If the late ‘80s and early 90’s were the Golden Age of underground house / techno / trance music; "Burn Up" is the mark of its Renaissance.

Zetan Spore's website:

For more information, please contact Andrew @ Aardvark Records:

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