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* Sound Bytes: The Friday Night Band
Posted Aug 06, 2007 - 06:29 PM
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Music Ex Pulp person living in Cornwall forms band shock!...

From our MySpace at

The Friday Night Band Q&A

Q.Who are they?
A.Steven Havenhand(ex Pulp),Gary Turner(the neighbour),Karl Viertal(the guitar player),Lizzy Havenhand(the daughter),Steve Brook(a friend),Joyce Middleton(mother in law)

Q.Who plays what?
A.Steven H normally sings & plays guitar or bass, Gary plays guitar,bass or keyboard, Karl plays Keyboard or guitar, Wiz plays drums, Steve B plays bass & Joyce plays keyboard. No one's decided who plays what really. It's pretty much governed by who turns up to rehearse on the day. Anyone can join, you just have to love music & be able to play something,live nearby & not have a stinky attitude……Gary's brother, Dan Turner sometimes plays drums too.

Q.What's the idea behind the band then?
A.We're not your regular line up of teenies or twenty somethings who all wear similar clothes & have cool hair-do's. We like to play & we're content being who we are.

Q.Most bands don't have mother in laws in their line up.
A.No they don't...we are odd.

Q.Why are you called The Friday Night Band?
A.Well, we're not really....we've never had a name to be honest. Gary couldn't think of anything to put in there when he set up the MySpace page. We rehearse on Friday's, hence the name.

Q.Got any gigs lined up?
A.Nope not yet.

Q.Some of these songs sound a bit raw & scratchy...and the vocals are out of tune & stuff..
A.Yup.The idea behind that is to show how the songs evolve into a definitive version. It's all done on our 4 track & most of them are written & recorded on the same day. We will get round to tidying them up at some point.....

Q.What would you say if a record company offered to sign you up?
A.We would say "I Wanna" is single number one & take it from there.

(check the downloads section for a couple of MP3s by TFNB - admin)

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