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* Events: Towards an Arts Alliance (Iraq?)
Posted Apr 27, 2003 - 05:14 PM
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Events I have been working myself into a lather over the Iraq gig which I foolishly set for May 3. At the same time, I've been sitting on the Arts Alliance idea for a year or two, and the following has been on admin, waiting for the off, since January.

For weird reasons, I haven't made the conection with Iraq until now. Feedback here please or, if desperate, phone 313666 aft or eve.

If it goes well, then we can do it another weekend for those who can't make it this Sat.

TiGeR 27.3.03

It has long been a dream of mine to catalyse a musician's cooperative or collective as a natural extension of this website.

I think that such a body might emerge from a charity festival which would act as a showcase for local talent.

Musicians (artists, writers?) sound engineers and videographers would donate their services to such a festival. Each would nominate a local (or branch of a national) charity for their share of the pot. Income would be raised via door charges and/or collections and percentages of bar takings. All of this, after expenses, would go to nominated charities.

All contributors would have, at worst, a showreel of their efforts but it could be more. All performances/exhibitions would be digitally recorded in audio & video and offered, after editing, at 10p & 5p per minute in a bespoke DVD/CD. After disc costs, money would go to, eg; 20% charities, 20% artists coop, 20% tech & admin & 40% artists. Musicians/poets would have their own pages on the central website and any live bookings could be 10% charity & 10% coop.

If artists have finished saleable work then it can be sold through the coop as before but with artists getting 75%. If technicians and admin are involved in recording new stuff then %s will remain as before.

The central coop/collective funds could be used to purchase communal equipment and/or studio premises. Experienced artists could teach or encourage the coming generation.

So far, I have only mentioned this master-plan to about half a dozen people, differing only in time and detail over the last year or so. I reckon I know a dozen or two bands/performers who'd probably be up for it and there are probably more good uns out there that I don't yet know about. As for recordists, I know some good soundies but fewer videographers - I'm hoping some will emerge from Woodlane and Tremough with a leavening of older enthusiasts. I've not spoken to any venues but I'm thinking Pavilion, Arts Centre, clubs and pubs. I should hope also to persuade some of the great and good to endorse the venture. Such expertise as I have is mainly in music organisation although I've done the odd bit of writing, although that department, I hope, will be catered for by new talent. I know plenty of art students and a few more mature practitioners but I'm hoping that someone with exhibition expertise will come forward!

"When may all this occur?" I hear you say. Well, shoulder months come to mind. Maybe after Easter if everything came together magically, but, more likely, after the Oyster Festival.

Of course, if it's all down to me, little more will be heard but if there are enough others out there ready to pick up the torch, administrators and leg/wheel workers too, get back to me, please.

I am casting my bread upon the waters of cyberspace. If you want to float a crust or two back to me, then aim for:

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