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Date: Jun 12, 2010 - 11:47 AM
We would like to encourage all local venues and bands who aren't already adding their gigs to our long established (10yrs +) gig list to use it. Contact us and ask for a login so you can add your gigs and reach our 900 + members and many other visitors...

Sad to see the demise of www.falmouthgigguide.com, the other shortlived Gig Guide for Falmouth, in May 2010, as they were also free to use, and had done an excellent job compiling pub gigs over the last few months. Their stated reason for closure was the "apathy of the majority of pubs in the Area".

I'm sure it is in venues' best interests to publicise the live acts they're putting on to attract customers!

However, falmusic is interactive for all its registered users, not just venues. If a venue isn't adding their gigs to falmusic, then individuals (whether musicians, or enthusiasts) are most welcome to do so! The remedy is in your hands!

This website was started back in 2001 specifically to support local venues and musicians, and will always be free to use for this purpose - we're in it for the long haul.

Rob, webmaster falmusic.co.uk

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