Andy V - Live at Jacobs Ladder Inn 14th September

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Date: Sep 12, 2019 - 06:57 PM
Reggae/dub/soul/latin and DnB - Andy V - Live at Jacobs Ladder Inn, Falmouth, September 14th - starting 9pm finishing midnight, free entry...

Andy Vís first time playing in Falmouth, at the Jacobs Ladder Inn. Come and support him and help make an awesome night of beats, bass, sax, keys and live looping!


Andy V has become known as an accompanying artist to the legendary bass music artist dub fx and now more recently as a solo act in his own right. With his multi-instrumental skills and looping abilities, Andy takes his listeners on a journey through Jazz, Reggae, Dub, Latin, Drum and Bass and Soul. Everything he does is live!

In May 2017, Andy left his home in Melbourne with his debut E.P 'The Offering' co-produced by dub fx. Since then, he has been constantly and independently touring around Europe and U.K performing both on the street and the stage, following in the footsteps of his mentors Mr. Woodnote, dub fx, Eva Lazarus, Lil Rhys and Snareophobe.

One year later Andy now has 3 new video releases, all featuring special guests from different parts of the world. His latest video features South Tryol's original music son Berise from Shanti Powa. Together they found an incredible filming location very close to the home of Berise high up in the mountains. Their new video 'Climb High' has touched the hearts of the Italain people and now spreading into Europe.

This year 2018 will be Andy's second official Italian tour. This time he has Berise on the mic at every show. The tour has already started and amazed the passionate music lovers of south Italy.

In recent years, Andy has established himself as right hand man to independent superstar, dub fx. In 2016 Andy opened up all the dub fx winter club shows in addition to accompanying dub fx himself.

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