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Date: Jan 26, 2020 - 07:44 PM
Sadly, Tim "TiGeR" Richards, a dear friend to many of us, and co-founder of falmusic died in late December 2019...


TiGeR (Tim Gerald Richards) line drawing by Jules C

As he became increasingly frail, Tim had moved from Earles Retreat in Falmouth and was taken into care three years ago. I lost touch with him at that point, but heard the sad news from his family on New Years Eve, via this website.

It was good to discover that he had been well cared for during this time when I met his family, carers and friends at Tim's funeral and wake on January 7th 2020.

I first met Tim back in late 1993 when we were both involved in starting up Falmouth LETS and quickly discovered a common interest in other local community and environmental endeavours such as Falmouth Green Centre, and later FalmouthOne.

Tim always had a keen interest in groups fostering friendship and community. Before moving to Earles Retreat he was tenant and custodian of the Toc H house in Lister Street and chaired meetings of the local Toc H branch, their founding principles of friendship, service, fairmindedness and reconciliation being of great importance to him. He also had a great admiration for the Bahai faith and the principles of the United Nations.

We shared a love of jazz and blues and local music and were delighted to discover the regular jazz sessions on Mondays at the Star & Garter back in the summer of 1999, which we regularly and enthusiastically supported over many years.

Tim at Star & Garter

Tim also spent many nights in those days checking out the rest of the local music scene, and we started putting falmusic together in 2000. Over the next decade he was very active in the evenings (and early mornings!) promoting this website - the dark website theme was a conscious nod to these nocturnal activities!

Tim made many friends, both young and old, enjoying all the local venues, bands, and late night parties, as can be seen from his many articles here on this website, and occasionally treated fellow revellers to his fearsome scat singing! He also spent many nights prowling around town with his camcorder capturing a lot of local music, but sadly most of this material seems to have been lost.

In 2003 he was the driving force behind a benefit gig on Falmouth Moor for Iraq - on zero budget but with a huge amount of enthusiasm and goodwill. This combined his passion for music, peace and service, as eloquently expressed by Tim at the time here.

Setting up lorry stage on the Moor for benefit gig for Iraq in 2003

On a personal note, Tim was a great friend to me and I thoroughly enjoyed working on falmusic and other community projects with him. See here for a collage of photos of Tim produced by his friends on Falmouth LETS. Whilst he was often hard on himself, he was always unfailing kind to others, and is greatly missed by many of us who will remember Tim with great fondness.

Rob, webmaster falmusic

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